The Benefits of Investing in a Juice Bar Franchise


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The Benefits of Investing in a Juice Bar Franchise

Starting your own business is a challenging endeavor, especially businesses which require brick and mortar locations. There are a ton of different factors that you have to take into account in opening a new business, let alone a juice bar franchise.

Beyond just having an amazing idea such as where are you going to source your products? What kind of a store front do you want? How will you get the word out about your new business? How do you find the right employees? These types of questions can be daunting even for the savviest individuals. That’s why investing in a franchise can be a great option for someone interested in breaking into the business world. It allows you to get your feet wet managing and operating a business, while having a ton of logistical support from the main company.

It is important to remember, however, that not all franchises are created equal. Before investing, you want to think about the long-term staying power of a business. Here at Pure Green, we’re liking the future forecast. Sure, juicing has become especially popular in recent years, but we see this as more of a general, permanent move towards healthy eating and wellness, not just a juicing craze. Pure Green uses only the absolute best ingredients to ensure maximum health benefits. And that’s why we’re excited about this next phase of our journey, and invite you join in on our juice bar franchise model. 

Juice Bar Franchise Best Brand

Name Recognition

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a franchise is instant name recognition. You don’t have to spend tons of time and money advertising or explaining to people what your business does. Pure Green is an already established brand that is associated with juicing in people’s minds. You will also have built-in loyal customers that will be excited to have a location nearer to where they live. At Pure Green, we will also help you to scout the best location based on where we know our customers already are, and you will have the full support of our social media and marketing team to get the new location off the ground running.

Franchise Logistics Support

Logistical Support

This one is major. Most entrepreneurs will tell you, there was just so much they didn’t know they didn’t know when they first started their business. There are endless daily things that are required to make a business run smoothly, and for most new business owners, these things are discovered through trial and error. Owning a franchise takes a lot of the guess work out of starting a new business, because we are there to support you. We’ve already been through the initial growing pains. We know which juices sell out the fastest and where to get all of the ingredients, and which white paint is the best for the walls. And you will also reap the benefits of ongoing training and support, as well as national marketing campaigns.

Franchise Buying Power

Buying Power

Because your juice bar franchise will be part of a larger company, you will benefit from the collective buying power–meaning access to all of our suppliers and better prices on all the necessary inventory and supplies needed to run a successful business. It is far less expensive to join in on an existing supply chain than to try to build those relationships from the ground up, which is what you’d have to do in a brand-new business. There are also ready-made ordering practices that can help with the successful running of your franchise.

Franchise Low Failure Rate

Low-Failure Rate

In general, franchises have a pretty low failure rate, due in large part to many of the points made throughout this article. Because you are joining an already established business, which is widely known, and have access to cheaper supplies you have fewer start-up costs and are more likely to turn a profit earlier. It can take years for new small businesses to start making money, while franchises have already created a successful business model and worked out a lot of the kinks, so it takes a lot of guess work out of the equation. While there is still a large initial investment to join in on a startup, because of the support and loyal customer base, it is much easier to start making money much sooner.

Franchise Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own Boss

Owning a franchise can also be an incredibly empowering and freeing experience, especially if you’re used to working for other people. While you will benefit from the support and guidance of corporate, you will be one in charge of your Pure Green location is run. It will be your responsibility to hire and train the employees, you can set your own schedule, and in general having the autonomy of running your own business. If this sounds like an exciting and empowering experience, then running a franchise could the perfect career move for you. And the best part­­–you don’t have to do it alone, because you’ll have the built-in support of a larger company who will understand the struggles that you experience along the way.


Investing a franchise can be an extremely rewarding and profitable enterprise. It is often ideal for people who have always wanted to own their own business but feel at a loss about where to start. At Pure Green we walk you through everything you will need to know to run your own successful juice bar franchise, because your success is our success. All owners and managers receive extensive training and on-going mentorship throughout the process of opening and managing their location. Think of it as business school that with the ultimate practical exam of running your own business. And even better–you can instantly start earning money. We want all of our locations to succeed and we give you all the tools to make sure that you can. Everything form payroll to training and motivating your team to email marketing strategies, we are here every step of the way to ensure that your juice bar franchise is as successful as it can be.


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