10 FAQs About Our Smoothie Franchise Opportunity

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Pure Green Franchise has experience massive growth over the past year and we have come across some FAQs (frequently asked questions) about our smoothie franchise opportunity. We are excited to answer some of the most frequently asked questions in this article.

Our founder and CEO, Ross Franklin, has recently been featured in Forbes for his innovations in how he has spearheaded the growth of Pure Green Franchise. Pure Green Franchise is committed to the continued success of our franchise partners. Pure Green Franchise is on pace now to open 100 locations by the end of 2023.

At Pure Green Franchise, we believe in our people and our franchise partners are the driving force behind our success and the growth of the company. We support our franchise partners every step of the way and we invest heavily in their success. If you share our passion for building healthier communities around the globe, we would like to invite you to become part of the Pure Green Franchise family.

Here are the top 10 of our most frequently asked questions:

1. How much is the initial franchise investment at Pure Green Franchise? 

Over the past year, we’ve supported dozens of our franchise partners and here is what we found as far as the average start-up costs for our franchisees: We have found that our franchisee’s start-up costs can range from $122,950 to $380,400, which factors in the initial franchise fee and as well as everything needed to get your franchise location grand opening
the ultimate guide juice bar franchise
the ultimate guide juice bar franchise

2. What qualifies me to be a Franchise Partner at Pure Green Franchise?

The first thing we look at in awarding a franchise is your passion for our mission of building healthier communities around the globe. We believe that mission-driven people that are aligned with our mission make the best franchise partners. Beyond this, our franchise partners need to have a net-worth minimum of $300,000 or qualify for financing.

When assessing your suitability for a smoothie franchise opportunity with Pure Green Franchise, financial stability is just one piece of the puzzle. Equally important is your ability to embody and promote the brand’s values and mission. Ideal candidates for a franchise partnership are not only financially capable but also deeply committed to fostering health and wellness within their community. This involves a genuine interest in nutrition, a desire to engage with customers, and a dedication to providing high-quality, health-focused products.

Additionally, having some background in business management or the food and beverage industry can be beneficial, though not mandatory. Pure Green Franchise looks for partners who are enthusiastic about the brand and are ready to be hands-on in growing their business, ensuring that each smoothie franchise opportunity is maximized to its full potential. This combination of financial readiness, passion for health, and business acumen makes for a successful franchise partnership.

smoothie franchise opportunity
smoothie bar franchise
pure green chairs smoothie franchise opportunity

3. Does Pure Green Franchise offer training and support?

It is truly a pleasure for our team at Pure Green Franchise to fully support our franchise partners and we offer massive training and support. Our corporate team works closely with our franchise partners every step of the way to get to grand opening and continues to support our franchise partners on an on-going basis.

4. How long will it take to open my Pure Green location?

The timing highly depends on the existing site conditions of the site that you select. On average, you can expect your location to open within 7 to 8 months of signing the franchise agreement. Our team will help to streamline the process and move the opening of your location along as quickly as possible.

5. Does Pure Green Franchise help with the site selection?

Absolutely, we are heavily involved in help you with the site selection process and we only approve sites that we believe will be strong performing locations for our franchise partners. We match our franchise partners up with our real estate team and support our franchise partners throughout the entire site selection process.

6. Does Pure Green Franchise help with obtaining funding?

Pure Green Franchise will introduce our franchise partners to qualified third-party financing companies that will with obtain financing.

7. Do you award Pure Green Franchise locations to absentee owners?

We look for franchise partners that want to be hands-on owner/operations. It is very important for our franchise partners to open and run the location for the first 90 days to build the location and get off to a strong start.

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cold pressed juice by pure green near the pool menu for juice bar

8. Can I buy a Pure Green Franchise location in a market that I don’t live in?

We find it is important for our franchise partners to live close by their locations. However, in some cases our franchise partners hire and assign seasoned operations to run their locations so there are always exceptions

When considering a smoothie franchise opportunity, it’s important to weigh the benefits of being actively involved in the day-to-day operations versus employing a management team. While some franchise partners prefer to be on-site and engage directly with the business, others may opt for a more hands-off approach, relying on experienced managers to handle daily operations.

This flexibility is one of the key advantages of a smoothie franchise opportunity. It allows for different levels of involvement, depending on your personal circumstances, business goals, and lifestyle preferences. Regardless of the approach, the support and established systems provided by the franchise can help ensure smooth operations and business success, making it a potentially lucrative and rewarding venture for entrepreneurs.

9. How does the supply chain process work at Pure Green Franchise?

We match up our franchise partners with approved local distributors for all ingredients and Pure Green cold pressed juice and shots.

10. What is one of the main differences of Pure Green Franchise from competitors?

Our franchise partners don’t have deal with the hassles and high overhead of manufacturing cold pressed juice. We want our franchise partners to focus on the core products which are superfood smoothies and acai bowls and our franchisees purchase Pure Green cold pressed juice from local distributions which streamlines the entire process.

We would like to invite you to join our Pure Green Franchise family and apply today!

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Find out why Pure Green Franchise is the fastest-growing juice bar franchise in the United States.

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He is the CEO and Founder of Pure Green Franchise and ranked as one of the top wellness entrepreneurs by Thrive Global. He is an entrepreneur, podcast host, best-selling author and sought after wellness keynote speaker. He is leading the rapid expansion of Pure Green Franchise to build locations across the United States with the mission of building healthier communities and connecting people with performance driven superfoods.

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