Our Juice ‘Til Dinner Cleanse is a great introductory cleanse for people that have never done a cleanse before. You simply have four cold pressed juices, and plenty of water, throughout the day up until dinner. For dinner, a hearty salad with homemade dressing is recommended. We recommend that at least two of the juices you drink are green juices.

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PURE Basic

Our Pure Basic Cleanse is an all-day juice cleanse with no solid food. During this cleanse, you drink six juices throughout the day and plenty of water. We recommend that at least two of the juices you drink are green juices.

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Our Pure Hardcore Cleanse is for veteran cleansers and includes drinking six juices, and plenty of water, throughout each day of the cleanse. We recommend that at least four of the juices you drink are green juices.

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Our Pure Green Coaches are always available to help customize your juice cleanse based on your individual needs. Schedule your complimentary coaching session. Pure Green Coaches are available at any of our locations to coach you through your cleanse and answer any questions you may have to ensure that your cleanse will be a success.




A few days before starting your cleanse, limit alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods from your diet.


During your cleanse, drink plenty of water. Drinking your body weight in ounces of water is recommended per day. 


During your cleanse, have one cold-pressed juice cleanse every 2.5 to 3 hours.


To avoid hunger pains, snack on a few slices of green apple or half a handful of almonds. This will not interfere with your cleanse. Healthier eating habits never hamper your juice diet. 


Processed food, alcohol, and cigarettes. They will interfere with the success of your cleanse. These habits gradually destroy the digestive system.


Keep it light while exercising during a cleanse. Drink plenty of water and stay in your comfort zone. Stop your workout if you don’t feel well.


Pure Green Immunity and Wake Me Up Shots help to enhance your cleanse. We also suggest drinking hot organic herbal tea and coconut water for hydration. For more enhancement tips, we recommend that you speak with a Pure Green Coach.


After your cleanse, your body is full of nutrients. Many people experience more restful sleep and have increased energy levels. Gradually reintroduce clean, solid foods into your regular diet. It is likely that you may no longer have the same cravings for sugar and/or other similar food indulgences.
Questions about a juice cleanse? Contact a Cleanse Coach at any retail location or email at:


Every day we are unknowingly exposed to harmful toxins in the air we breathe and the foods that we eat. Cleansing is a total body detox that eliminates these harmful toxins from the body. When we stop eating solid foods, our body is able to redirect blood and energy to the organs and parts of the body that need it. Our bodies normally spend significant focus on digestion. Cleansing gives the body a much-needed break by freeing up blood flow and energy, which allows your body to recharge. You will look better, feel better and your body will thank you. The health benefits of juice cleansing are way better than we think.


Whether you are new to cleansing or a more experienced cleanser, Pure Green Juice Cleanses are designed to meet your needs. Simply drink one of our delicious cold-pressed juices every 2.5 to 3 hours along with plenty of water. The cold-pressed juices in our cleanses are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes that supercharge your body with vital nutrients required to satisfy your body’s daily nutritional needs. Note that while cleansing, you should not have any solid foods (with the exception of a healthy dinner on our Juice ‘Til Dinner Cleanse). Be sure to avoid processed foods, alcohol, and caffeine.

A juice cleanse is a total body restart. Our philosophy on a cold pressed juice cleanse is that the cold pressed juice floods the body with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Because a juice cleanse involves drinking more juices in one day that one normally consumes, the nutrients that our body absorbs are higher than consuming one juice a day. The standard for our Pure Basic and Pure Hardcore cleanses is to consume six juices per day of the cleanse. Compared to just drinking one cold pressed juice a day, you are getting six times the nutrients in a single day. The compounded effect on the body over the course of a three day juice cleanse magnifies the nutrients the body absorbs. By consuming 21 cold pressed juices over the course of three days, the high level of nutrients the body receives during this period of time is potent enough to make an impact on nutrient levels in the body.


If you have never done a juice cleanse before, starting with a one day juice cleanse is a great introduction. Just have one cold pressed juice every 2.5 to 3 hours throughout the day with a total of six juices.


After you have done a one day cleanse, try a two day cleanse next time. On each day of the cleanse, consume one cold pressed juice every 2.5 to 3 hours for two consecutive days.


After you have done a two day cleanse, try a three day cleanse for your next cleanse. On each day of the cleanse, consume one cold pressed juice every 2.5 to 3 hours for three consecutive days.


The number of days you should do a juice cleanse for depends on your level of experience as well as your level of discipline. The number of days we recommend in our standard cleanses range from a one day juice cleanse to a three day juice cleanse. If you have previously done a juice cleanse, we would recommend doing a three day juice cleanse to supercharge your body with nutrients.

The benefits of doing a juice cleanse vary by individual. While there are many companies that make claims about a juice cleanse being a total body detox, the mentality that we have at Pure Green is that having six juices in a day with plenty of water gives your digestive system a break and helps to supercharge the body with vital nutrients.

Pure Green cold pressed juice is sold at all Pure Green locations throughout the country. Check out our locations page where you can find the nearest Pure Green location to you.

The process of cold pressing our juices involves the use of hydraulic presses that retain the vitamins, minerals and enzymes from the fresh fruits and vegetables. These hydraulic presses don’t allow air to get into the juice, unlike a centrifugal juicer machine, and studies have found that cold pressed juice contains up to fives times the nutrition compared to juice made on a centrifugal juicer.

The HPP process locks in the nutrition of the cold pressed juice right after it has been cold pressed. The process of HPP helps to slow down the oxidation of the juice safely giving the juice a longer shelf life. The HPP process also helps to kill any harmful microorganisms that may have been in the fruits and vegetables.

Yes, you can workout on a juice cleanse, but we recommend that you workout at 60% of the intensity of your normal workouts. If you feel lightheaded at all while working out, stop, drink water and rest.

While it is best not to consume solid foods while on a juice cleanse, if you are just starting out cleansing, you can have a few raw almonds or slices of green apple to fight the hunger pains.

With the Juice ‘Til Dinner Cleanse, it is ok to have coffee, but wait until you are up for 90 minutes before having it as you want to give your body a chance to replete adenosine. If you are going to have coffee, have a green juice first. If you are cleansing for more than one day, it is ideal if you can skip the coffee while you are cleansing.

No, do not do a juice cleanse while you are pregnant.

Yes, you can do a juice cleanse for longer than three days. If you decide to do a juice cleanse for longer than three days, we advice doing so while under the supervision of a physician.

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