How Pure Green Can Keep You Balanced During the Holidays

How Pure Green Can Keep You Balanced During the Holidays

Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays with Pure Green

The holidays are a fun and festive time, but they also tend to be a time of overindulgence. With the string of holiday parties, family time, and general merriment, it can be challenging to stay on top of eating healthy at this time of year. Not to mention that alcohol is usually free-flowing at a lot of these events.

All this overeating can lead to sluggishness and even cause you to let other healthy habits such as exercise fall by the wayside. While this time comes just once a year, and you should absolutely enjoy it, Pure Green can help you keep things just a bit more health-focused and manageable so that by the time we get to January, you aren’t having regrets. Here are some top tips for staying a bit healthier this holiday season.

Key Takeways

  • We truly believe in the healthy healing powers of nutrient dense juice and smoothies. This was the main goal when we created Pure Green
  • Each of our juices and smoothies is designed with a goal in mind. And our knowledgeable employees are always happy to help recommend something for specific health concerns
  • No hidden ingredients such as added sweeteners raise the calorie count and cause blood sugar spikes
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Juice up Before You Go

Have a big holiday party? Swing by your local Pure Green for a pure green juice or smoothie. By filling your body up on a green drink, you’ll accomplish a few things: you ensure that you are still getting all the good nutrients your body needs, no matter what is being served, and you will go into the party more satiated.

If you’re already feeling a bit full and happy, you’ll be less tempted to eat as much junk food at the party, which can only lead to good things. We’ve all experienced showing up to the party starving and chowing down on a whole plate full of cheese, only to regret this choice mere hours later. By preempting that with a drink from the Pure Green juice bar franchise you can stave off some of your hunger cravings. You’ll thank yourself the next day. Thrive global introduce our founder Ross Franklin as juice king.

Detox the Day After

Didn’t make it to a Pure Green before the party and fell prey to the delectable hors d’oeuvres? Not to worry. The Pure Green juices can also act as a fantastic way to rehydrate, recharge, and detox a bit to erase the mistakes of the night before.

Start off the day with a Coconut Hydrate to infuse the body with electrolytes and get rid of that hangover, and then you can refuel with the Pure Green signature drink, packed with apple, kale zucchini, lemon, ginger, and a whole ton of other fruits and veggies geared to give the body a hit of nutrients. You can also try the Golden Girl, a carrot-based drink that also has turmeric to help give your immune system a bit of a boost, which we all need at this time of the year.

And if you’re really feeling bloated and ill, the Active Charcoal beverage can help pack up those toxins and get them out of your body. Pure Green is here to help you cleanse and detox no matter what you consumed.

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Make Sure You’re Getting Your Greens

During the holidays it can also be hard to stay on top of cooking and if there’s one thing that these parties tend to have in common, it’s a severe lack of veggies. Pure Green beverages can help you make sure that you’re still getting all the necessary nutrients that you need to keep everything happy and healthy in your body.

We have a wide range of juices and smoothies that include carefully crafted and balanced mixtures of fruits and veggies, optimized for taste and health. The Pure Green green drink is the ideal go-to because of the many benefits of leafy greens, which you’ll get a huge hit of from this drink!

Keep Everything Flowing

If you’re someone that generally keeps pretty healthy, the holidays can really hit your body hard. We at Pure Green understand the importance of not letting all health concerns go out the window simply because of the season. And especially in the winter when we’re confined to the indoors more than in the warmer months, it is extra essential to make sure that you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs.

Heavy holiday food can cause all kinds of the gut and digestive problems, and this is one of the things that juices are really good at helping with. Because they retain all the nutrients without all the fiber, Pure Green juices can help improve digestion and keep everything in your body flowing in a healthy way, alleviating a lot of the heavy, post-indulgence feelings.

Pure Green juice bar franchise always provides healthy food and emphasis on superfood. Our founder Ross franklin wish to teach people to eat fresh, green, and natural. At pure green, you also get an acai bowl, full of nutrition. Our smoothies and acai bowls are made with pure coconut, strawberry, pineapple, banana, coconut water, almond milk, almond butter, and other handcrafted smoothies. Pitaya bowls and keto meals are also available at our franchisee.

Maintain the Pure Green Mindset

At Pure Green we know that health goes beyond just what you consume. It is a mindset and a lifestyle. We believe firmly in providing our customers with the absolute best ingredients to create delicious and healthy pure green products. But we also want to cultivate a general health community. Our products are bacteria free and fresh.

We want to help educate people on what their body needs and how to fuel up to ensure they are at peak performance. And we want to make it simple. That’s why each of our juices is so carefully crafted and aimed at different goals. By keeping Pure Green in your routine throughout the holiday season, you’re not only getting the health benefits included in all our juices, but it will help keep your health regime.

The holiday season is a rough time for people trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but we are here to tell you that not all is lost! Pure Green can be an excellent resource during the holidays to both prevent overindulgence and help you get back on track. At Pure Green, we are keeping your health in mind all year round. You can also give the gift of health this season, by purchasing Pure Green juice for friends and family!

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