Pumpkin Juice – Best for Eye Health, Mind, and Strong Immunity.

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There’s pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, and pumpkin puree – but whoever’s heard about pumpkin juice before? Trust us! Pumpkin juice is the surprising drink you can’t believe you’ve never thought about before.

Loaded full of Vitamin A and other antioxidants, pumpkin juice isn’t just delicious – it’s a super healthy choice as well. Read on to find out everything you never realized you needed to know about Pumpkin Juice.

Key Takeways

  • Technically a fruit, pumpkins are one of the oldest domesticated plants out there
  • Variety of essential Vitamins, and important minerals
  • Pumpkin juice is particularly rich in Vitamin A – one glass alone has as much as 171% of your recommended daily intake
  • High in Antioxidants
  • Protect Your Eyesight
  • Promote Weight Loss
  • Fight Against Chronic Diseases


Just like carrot juice, pumpkin juice is a rich golden color with a slightly sweet taste. It’s made from fresh pumpkins, and the juice can either be extracted using the cold-pressed method or at home using a blender. If you don’t have access to a cold-press yourself, you can always try juicing your own at home. All you’ll need is some fresh pumpkin, water, and a conventional juicer or blender. Check out the recipe!


  • Water
  • Pumpkin

Remove the skin from your pumpkin. You can cut it off, or we like using a vegetable peeler to make it even easier. Cut the pumpkin into small chunks. Blend the pumpkin cubes with a small amount of water in your juicer. And that’s it! Pour into a glass and serve immediately.

pumpkin juice

If you are feeling particularly creative you might also like to add a dash of cinnamon or pumpkin spice to mix things up or give it a thanksgiving feel. A dash of cayenne pepper also adds a nice spicy kick.

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Well, Pumpkin Juice is good for you – because pumpkin itself is good for you. Pumpkins aren’t just a Halloween decoration, pumpkins are so nutritious they’ve even earned superfood status.

Technically a fruit, pumpkins are one of the oldest domesticated plants out there. Low in fat, and high in a bunch of essential Vitamins, the pumpkin’s nutritional profile is pretty interesting. Let’s have a deeper look.

One cup of raw pumpkin contains

  • 30. 2 calories
  • 1.2g protein
  • 1740mcg Lutein & Zeaxanthin
  • 8567 IU Vitamin A (171% of your Reference Daily Intake (RDI))
  • 10.4mg Vitamin C (17% RDI)
  • 1.2mg Vitamin E (6% RDI)
  • 0.1g Riboflavin (8% RDI)
  • 18.6mcg Folate (5% RDI)
  • 394mg Potassium (11% RDI )
  • 0.1mg Copper (7% RDI)
  • 0.1mg Manganese (7% RDI)

So it’s pretty clear that Pumpkin is a good source of a variety of essential Vitamins, and important minerals… but where Pumpkin stands out is its Vitamin A levels.

Rich in Vitamin A

Pumpkin juice is particularly rich in Vitamin A – one glass alone has as much as 171% of your recommended daily intake. Vitamin A is commonly found in orange-colored fresh fruits and vegetables – things like carrots and apricots. Other strong sources include red bell peppers, cantaloupe, mangoes, and even broccoli, just to name a few.

Vitamin A helps support your body’s functioning in many ways. It’s essential for the proper growth and performance of many different body systems. It’s particularly beneficial for the promotion of eye health and visual functioning.

Do you remember when you were a kid and someone told you that carrots can make you see in the dark? Well, that’s because carrots are quite high in Vitamin A as well – and this little nutrient has long been associated with eye health.

While we can’t comment on Pumpkin Juice’s ability to make you see in the dark, one clear thing is it is a potent source of this superhero vitamin.

Vitamin A’s benefits don’t just stop there though. Vitamin A also plays an important role in:

  • Reproductive Health – This nutrient plays an essential role in the healthy development of reproductive organs for both men and women.
  • Immunity – Vitamin A supports the immune system by enhancing and regulating immune function, helping your body fight against toxins and diseases.
  • Integumentary System – (That’s the skin for you and me.) Vitamin A is essential for keeping your skin healthy and glowing. It also helps in the formation of other body linings, like in the nose and mouth.

High in Antioxidants

One little glass of Pumpkin Juice hides a wealth of antioxidants. The variety and amount of antioxidants found in Pumpkin Juice are pretty surprising. Packed full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Pumpkin Juice also contains a wealth of minerals such as carotenoids.

Antioxidants are so important as these little free radical fighters help combat oxidation – a bodily response that occurs in retaliation to stressors like cigarette smoke or unhealthy food.

Oxidation leads to free radicals which damage the body cells. Drinking just one glass of Pumpkin Juice every morning will help prepare your body in defense against free radicals.


So now we know a little bit more about Pumpkin Juice, what are the actual benefits drinking Pumpkin Juice can provide? Well, apart from the refreshing taste, the nutrient density of this healthy juice means it helps your body from the inside out. Let’s look at some of the ways.

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As mentioned earlier, Pumpkin Juice contains sky-high levels of Vitamin A, renowned for its role in eye health and supporting vision. It goes further than that though, Pumpkin juice also contains two antioxidant compounds which go by the names Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

These compounds are found in concentrated levels in eye tissue, and scientists believe that they play an important role in protecting the eyes from the damaging effects of sunlight.

Studies also show a correlation between Lutein & Zeaxanthin supplements and a decrease in the development of cataracts. What’s more, even macular degeneration is slowed in response to these antioxidants.

If you are worried about your eye health, try incorporating a glass of Pumpkin Juice into your daily routine.

Promote Weight Loss

Are you still holding on to some of those post-lockdown pounds? If you are looking to lose a little bit (or a lot!) of weight, pumpkin juice might just be the answer. Pumpkin juice is naturally low in fat and calories, containing only about 15-30 calories per serve!

Feeling like snacking? Next time you are feeling peckish between meals, reach for a fresh glass of healthy pumpkin juice instead.

It’ll fill your tummy up without filling up your daily calorie intake. Make a fresh pitcher whenever you need it, and when cravings for snacks hit, grab a cold glass instead.

Because it’s so nutrient-dense you’ll also be filling your body with healthy vitamins and nutrients that will help you stay feeling full for longer.

You might also like to try combining pumpkin juice with other fresh, low-calorie fruits and veggies as well. Try some of these combinations, or invent your own. We like:

  • Pumpkin and carrot juice
  • Pumpkin and tomato juice
  • Pumpkin, kale, and apple juice
  • Pumpkin and orange juice
  • Pumpkin and beet juice

Fight Against Chronic Diseases

Pumpkin Juice is a strong source of essential vitamins, minerals, micro and macronutrients and especially, antioxidants. All play an important role in the strengthening of the immune system and supporting general health and wellbeing. It goes further than that though – healthy pumpkin juice also helps in the fight against chronic diseases.

Antioxidants, specifically carotenoids found in Pumpkin Juice are associated with a decreased risk of cancer. This is especially seen in throat, stomach, and breast cancers. While the link is clear, research is ongoing to determine the exact processes at play.

That being said, the health benefits of pumpkin juice are clear and indisputable. If you are looking for a healthy, natural option – try a fresh glass of golden pumpkin juice with your breakfast or lunch.


So there you have it! Get creative and whip up your very own batch of pumpkin juice today! Or, stop by your local juice bar franchise and see what they have in stock.

Pumpkin juice is a deliciously different drink, but one that works – for your taste buds, as well as for your health. Rich in color, vitamins, and antioxidants, Healthy Pumpkin Juice is the tonic you never knew you needed!

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