Which Pure Green Juice Cleanse is Right for You?

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Explore the Pure Green Cleanse Options for Optimal Health

Pure Green has made the craft of cold-pressed juices an art, and each juice is specifically designed to incorporate a whole host of useful health benefits. Each one is also targeted with a specific goal in mind (even if that goal is only enjoyment!). And we are happy to offer our juices not only at each of our stores but available for purchase online so that they can reach the maximum number of people.

Key Takeways

  • Doing a juice cleanse can have a whole host of different benefits for the body and mind
  • During a juice fast, the body is stimulated to greater metabolic and eliminative activity
  • Cleansing is a very intense experience for the body, especially if you’ve never done one before and there are a few things that you have to keep in mind.

Using our line of carefully crafted juices, we have also designed three different tiers of juice cleanses , and we wanted to walk you through the Pure Green juice cleanses to help you choose the right one for you.


What are the Benefits of a Juice Cleanse?

Doing a juice cleanse can have a whole host of different benefits for the body and mind. We are exposed to all kinds of different toxins every single day, both from the food that we eat and the air that we breathe.

No matter how healthy you try to be, we are consuming these toxins without even realizing it sometimes. Juice cleanses help the whole body detox by eliminating these harmful toxins from the body. By getting rid of the need to digest solid foods, the body can redirect energy to the organs, freeing up blood flow, and cleansing out the toxins that have built up.

When juice fasting, we allow our digestive system to take a much-needed rest. The energy saved is used for deep tissue cleansing that goes on in the body during this time. The fresh fruit/vegetable juices we drink contain the necessary nutrients to help heal, repair, and nourish damaged cells.

Our juice cleansing contains vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin k, fiber, minerals, and other nutritions. These vitamins and minerals help to grow a healthy lifestyle. These healthier eating habits help you to grow immunity, weight loss, lowering blood sugar.

During a cleanse, the body is meant to run on fuel from plant foods. These are live foods that are rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. When extracted properly, they are assimilated by our cells for nourishment. When our cells receive superior foods, the inferior stuff (toxins) have to make way for it, thus being eliminated (detoxify).

whole fruits on a juice cleanse

Why don’t we just eat whole fruits?

Well, consider a carrot. If you were to eat a carrot, your body is only able to assimilate a very small percentage of the nutrients. But when you drink carrot juice, your body is able to assimilate almost all of the nutrients that are extracted. This bioavailability of the nutrients can do wonders to speed up healing.

During a juice fast, the body is stimulated to greater metabolic and eliminative activity. After a prolonged fast, you will notice that you will lose some weight, your skin tightens or clears up, your hair shines, your eyes brighten, mental clarity and vision are improved, and you will feel more energetic. A prolonged juice fast is powerful in potentially healing your internal organs, strengthening your immune system, and helping to heal your body.

pure green cleanse options

How to Cleanse and Stay Healthy

Cleansing is a very intense experience for the body, especially if you’ve never done one before and there are a few things that you have to keep in mind.

First of all, you need to make sure that you are getting all of the nutrients your body needs. If you go with one of the Pure Green juice cleanses, you don’t have to worry about this step, because we’ve already taken care of this for you.

It’s also a good idea to spend a few days prior to beginning a cleanse getting ready. If you go from eating a ton of junk food and drinking alcohol to a juice cleanse, you are really going to suffer. The more toxins the body has to get rid of them, the more exhausted you are going to feel. So, a few days leading up to the cleanse, you’ll want to cut way back on junk food, alcohol and cigarettes, and generally try to maintain a pretty healthy, plant-based diet. You also need to make sure that

It is also crucial that you stay hydrated during the cleanse. Hydration is what will really help keep everything moving and clean out the body in addition to just being necessary for your body. Water can also help keep you feeling a bit fuller. And if you’re really feeling tired, something electrolytes, like coconut water can be really helpful.

If you’re really experiencing a lot of hunger pangs, you can munch on some almond or apple slices to alleviate some of the uncomfortable feelings. This can be especially helpful for those that are embarking on their first cleanse.

Finally, make sure to avoid drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes during the cleanse. You really want to make sure that you’re giving your body the opportunity to recharge and clean out all the toxins, so it makes no sense to continue putting other toxins into the body.

Juice fasting can be a very humbling experience as you are determined to resist temptations. It also builds up your self-confidence as you sharpen the discipline and self-control needed while you go through a fast. Through fasting, you learn to control your body and appetite instead of having your body control your life.

Not everyone feels better as a result of juice fasting, nor do they always feel better right away. With continued and frequent juice fasting, plus a healthier diet and lifestyle, you will eventually make a difference to your overall energy levels.

Which Cleanse is Right for Me?

Pure Green has three different levels of cleanses, and which one is right for you will depend heavily on your goals and where you are in your health journey. We are going to walk you through each one to give you a better sense of which one to choose.

Juice ‘Til Dinner Cleanse

This is a great one for first-timers because it allows you to kind of ease into the idea of a juice cleanse. On this one, you can have any four Pure Green juices throughout the day and then make yourself a healthy, solid dinner.

For dinner, we recommend keeping it really simple, make a big pile of leafy greens, a hearty grain, and a small portion of protein. We want to maintain the integrity of the cleanse, so eating foods that align with the juices we have throughout the day is important. This cleanse is also great if you simply want a bit of a health reset and need to get back on track. Pure Green offers one, two, and three-day packages for this cleanse.

Pure Basic Cleanse

This is our basic all-day juice cleanse. On this cleanse you will drink six juices throughout the day, of which two should be green juices. This one allows a bit more flexibility and provides a wide range of different types of juices with a variety of fruits and veggies. This can help with satiety and is great if you want to up the game a bit from the juice until dinner cleanse.

This cleanse doesn’t include any solid food, but many people like that you can have a ton of different juices throughout the day. At Pure Green, we don’t prescribe when you should have each juice, so you can mix it up. This cleanse also comes in one, two, or 3 day programs.

Our juice cleanse recipes contain vegetable juice, raw juice, raw fruit, and organic juice. We never serve any processed food, unhealthy food, or refined sugar. Our raw generation juicing brings a good healthy lifestyle to your life.

Pure Hardcore Cleanse

This one is best for the truly seasoned juice cleanser or if you have some event coming up that you want to slim down for. This one recommends six juice a day, with at least four should be green drinks. The green cold pressed juice flavors are full of vitamins but are also the ones that will really clean you out so you can expect some dramatic results, especially if you opt for the three-day cleanse.

Wrapping Up

Juice cleanses can be a wonderful way to reset and recharge, especially if you do them consciously. Be kind to yourself during the cleanse and give yourself a bit more downtime if you need it. It can be exhausting, but most people report back that afterward, they feel more energized. You also want to make sure to reintroduce food slowly and carefully after the cleanse. Don’t give up all your gains by jumping back on a junk food train!

Detoxification is like spring cleaning your home; it’s a thorough cleaning from the inside out. It’s a time when you move all your furniture and carpets, and clean under them. When detoxifying, there is deep cleansing work going on in your body that stirs the old toxins from every nook, corner, and joint in your body.

During detoxification, old toxins that are being stirred up begin to circulate in your blood system again. Those toxins had caused you some problems when they entered your body either through the air you breathed or the food you ate or by some other means. They stayed in your body and could not be eliminated, possibly causing some disease. Now, when detoxifying, it will not leave your body without creating the same problems.

If you were prone to headaches, while detoxifying, the headaches will get more severe. If you have asthma, the attacks may recur when you detoxify. If you had been encountering fatigue, you will feel even more lethargic during your cold pressed juice cleanse.

Healing reactions are very individual. Not everybody will experience the same flare-ups. The more toxic your body, the more severe the reactions may be. Whatever the degree of flare-ups, healing reactions are an important aspect of true and deep healing.

Although unpleasant, it will be easier for you to go through it if you understood what it is and welcome it as part of your healing process. Some who don’t understand healing reactions may conclude that fresh juice fasting is “not for them” and may decide to end the fast prematurely.

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