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We’ve all heard the analogies of the mental mindset of top tier athletes applied from sports to the business world. Does the mental toughness endured required by top athletes really apply in the world of business?

In this episode, Ross Franklin sits down with Jasmine Jordan, the first and only Jordan Brand brand representative and the liaison to the Charlotte Hornets to the Jordan Brand. Jasmine Jordan has acquired 13 top tier WNBA players to represent the Jordan Brand as well as a slew of NBA players. She has been traveling 27 out of the past 30 days but made the time for this podcast with her busy schedule.

00:53 Scope of work with the Jordan Brand
1:53 Criteria for recruiting professional athletes
3:36 Brand expectations for athlete representatives
6:39 How the Jordan Brand is involved with the Charlotte Hornets
7:50 The overlap between the mindset of professional athletes and the business world


Ross Franklin 0:16

On the pure green podcast today, we have Jasmine Jordan, the first female brand rep for the Jordan Brand and liaison to the Charlotte Hornets with the Jordan Brand. Jasmine, thank you so much for being here.

Jasmine Jordan 0:29

No, thank you so much for having me.

Ross Franklin 0:31


So to kick things off today, can you talk a little bit about the work that you do with the Jordan Brand?

Jasmine Jordan 0:36

Absolutely. So I’m in sports marketing field rep. As you mentioned, the only one that’s in Jordan brand as a female and I essentially am the representative and managing relationships with our athletes specifically with our WNBA players from Krystal Dangerfield, Dr. Han B, all the way down to certain NBA players as well, like Rudy chamara. And then with the Charlotte Hornets, being the only Jordan brand team in the NBA, I also manage our relationship with them and our athletes on that roster. So it’s a beautiful joint partnership amongst across the board from WNBA. And NBA,

Ross Franklin 1:09

that’s amazing. So you’re going after just some of the top athletes and responsible for finding them and making sure that they’re a good fit for the brand?

Jasmine Jordan 1:18

Yes, definitely. It’s a lot of research specifically for WNBA, understanding who we want a part of the Jordan family, as we like to say, really just keeping it tight knit and close, we want to make sure that regardless of what market they’re playing in both WNBA and NBA, they really speak true to the Jordan Brand. They speak true to our culture, they speak true to our consumer. And it’s a lot of research and just conversations and understanding athletes as athletes, but also as individuals, people and brands. So a lot of research goes into it. We love the fact that we are able to expand our family when we can,


Ross Franklin 1:50

what are some of the things that you look for in the recruitment process? Obviously, like their performance and their social media? Are you looking at that as well? There’s a number of followers. Does that matter as part of the process?

Jasmine Jordan 2:03

Yes. And no, obviously, we want our athletes to feel that they’re marketable, that they’re understood. And we’ve done our due diligence to understand who they are. But we also want to make sure we leave it open for them to say, Hey, what did we missed or correct us if we’re wrong, and that way, we can understand the partnership even better. So it’s definitely some research that goes into it. But from a social media standpoint, of course, in this day and age, you can’t not pay attention to followers and how they’re posting and how they carry themselves on a platform that they typically control on their own. But we won’t get too lost in like if you have 10,000 or 10 million followers that we don’t care too much about. But at least seeing how you’d like to show your personality and connect with your fans and how you like to bring people into your space is definitely something unique. And we’d like to understand a little bit deeper.

Ross Franklin 2:47

So let’s say like you did your research, you’ve identified some amazing talent. What’s the next process? Do you go out to meet in person? Do you have a zoom? Do you have a call with them? What’s that process like?

Jasmine Jordan 2:57

It’s definitely shifted post pre and during COVID. But we typically definitely love to have in person conversations, because at the end of the day, you can talk to whoever but until you get in front of them and feel an individual’s energy and just understand how you connect all the works for nothing at that point. So we do love to meet our athletes in person. And then if not, we set up a zoom. It’s a conversation and being like, Hey, I did my homework. This is how I see you. And this is how I see within the brand and correct me if I’m wrong or telling me what else I can add to your profile as an individual and as an athlete. So we definitely love to obviously have that face to face. And if not, we adjust and do it via zoom or whatever makes sense. So let’s

Ross Franklin 3:34

say you bring them on the join the Jordan Brand family, what does that mean to them? What’s required of them? What’s involved? Can you walk us through that a little bit?


Jasmine Jordan 3:43

Absolutely. So it’s definitely different per athlete, but it’s always a dream come true. I’ve yet to meet anybody join the family. That’s like no, this isn’t my dream. So we’d love to hear that because it makes us feel like okay, we pick the right athletes, essentially. But it’s a little bit of everything when it comes to them performing on the core, we want to make sure we’re giving them the best of the best product right now. That’s our AJ 36 along with some of our additional signature models like Russell Westbrook, why not signature shoe and we just announced Luca downshifts signature shoe. So we want to make sure that no matter what our athletes have Pinnacle product, and they’re able to excel and pretty much play at their highest potential when they hit the court and then off court. It’s our lifestyle brand. It’s our apparel, it’s our activations and events and making sure that we’re really telling their story but also telling ours as a brand and it’s constantly evolving. And so it’s just a matter of understanding how we want to partner and brand and connect again back to our consumers and doing it in unique ways that are both on the court off the court or on the field and off the field if it’s football or baseball, etc.

Ross Franklin 4:43

So you mentioned like telling their story. How do you go about doing that and like through what mediums.

Jasmine Jordan 4:49

We love storytelling because again, it allows the athlete to not just be seen as an athlete again, their people at the end of the day and so you can go your typical route with our incredible media. communications global team and they love to storyteller with certain outlets. We also like to be creative as well, when it comes to our athletes in their field and how they play their game with their shoes. Obviously, we make what we call P ease, which is player additions. And that’s whichever shoe or model that they like to represent. So our AJ 36, for example, is our pinnacle product right now. And so we allow our athletes to kind of create their own colorway and tell their stories through their footwear. And I think right now coming off of an incredible NBA finals last night, and unfortunately, our Jason Tatum did not get the win. But you were able to see throughout the playoff series different colorways and PE he was wearing on his feet. And that’s just storytelling that he can do with his consumers through his footwear. And that’s just a unique opportunity. So we’d like to kind of marry old school manners of telling the stories through media, etc. But also be as creative and evolving as possible by telling it through apparel and footwear.

Ross Franklin 5:51

Wow. You mentioned before we got started to you’ve been traveling a lot this month. There’s a lot of that all because of the Jordan Brand and working with these athletes and the events and that type of thing.

Jasmine Jordan 6:01

For sure. Right now we are in the thick of WNBA season. And so I am making my rounds to make sure I get to see as many of our athletes as possible. We have our largest roster of WNBA athletes at 13 right now, with nine of them being active. And so it’s going to Atlanta to see Ryan Howard are going to LA to see Jordan, Canada like I am whipping and running right now, which my son’s probably like really, Mom, you’re leaving again. Nonetheless, I love it, I got to do it, I got to do and still try to make it home for those key moments with him.

Ross Franklin 6:31

That’s awesome. And then with your work in terms of being a liaison between the Jordan Brand and the Charlotte Hornets. Can you talk a little bit about that?


Jasmine Jordan 6:39

Absolutely. So it’s like I said, obviously, Charlotte Hornets is owned by Michael Jordan, owned by my dad. And so it’s the only NBA team that is a true Jordan team. And so while the other teams have their alternate statement jerseys that does feature the jump man, all of the Hornets have jumped in jerseys. And so it’s making sure that they’re good when it comes to their product. And then alongside with that we have certain athletes on the roster that also are Jordan, family members like Kyle Jones. And so again, making sure his footwear is situated he gets his colorways that are not just purple and to but maybe there’s some alternatives and things of that nature. And just making sure that there’s some synergy across the board with them as a specific team within the league. And so we’d love to have their conversations, making sure they feel good about their jerseys, making sure Kai and the rest of the team feel like their footwear and their product is on time and just making sure they feel good, or they’re ready to perform when the NBA season comes back around.

Ross Franklin 7:30

That’s awesome. Are the Hornets the only team that have the Jordan Brand jerseys?

Jasmine Jordan 7:35

No. So every team has one Jordan, Jersey, but the Hornets are the only Jordan brand team. So with our partnership with the NBA, we do have the ability to at least have statement jerseys across the board with a job man on it. But the Hornets are the only Jordan team.

Ross Franklin 7:49


Wow, I want to shift the conversation a little bit to what’s really interesting is that in the entrepreneur world, there’s so many analogies to the sports world, very famous athletes are quoted all the time in the business world. And I see you you’re just you’re hustling, you’re traveling all month, you’re working with these athletes. So you’re in the business world, but and also deeply connected in the sports world. So I’m really curious, just around being around all of these top tier athletes. Is there a correlation, in your opinion with the business world and the sports world? And do the same techniques and strategies apply in both worlds? What’s your take on that?

Jasmine Jordan 8:29

I definitely think so at the end of the day entrepreneurs whether they’re self made, or they’re representing a brand, specifically, there’s a lot of hard work and commitment and dedication that comes into doing what they do day in and day out. And there’s also a lot of research, like you have to know what you’re talking about or love what you’re doing and when and making sure that you’re putting out the right product from an entrepreneurial standpoint. And from an athletic mindset. And for these athletes, they do the same thing. They work incredibly hard on their bodies, they have to stay healthy, they have to stay mentally ready. And they also have to do research on opponents, whether that’s watching film, or understanding practice and putting in the hours that are needed to get the results that they want at the end of the day. So I definitely feel like there’s a lot of synergy between just entrepreneurs, businesses and business owners and athletes and full and the overlap is almost identical. It’s just a matter of approach being different, but they’re definitely very similar.

Ross Franklin 9:17

You’re in a unique position where you’re around a lot of superstars, a lot of top tier athletes like all the time so with having such close proximity. Is there anything that you’ve seen that is like the secret sauce or just things that you picked up on and noticed that really helped contribute to making them successful?

Jasmine Jordan 9:34

It’s honestly the willingness to evolve. And it’s the willingness to change because at the end of the day, like where the world was 10 years ago 1520 It’s not today and I definitely noticed along our W athletes NBA and across our roster, our athletes are always willing to listen to the data listen to the research listens to the audience, and the consumers and they evolve with whatever we’re suggesting as a brand, or they’re making us consider as well and so that understanding and ability to really feel comfortable with evolving as the times continue to grow in the consumers to can you change whether it’s a Gen Z, millennials and beyond? That’s a crucial point that you can only drive home and understand with that willingness to do so. So I think that’s something that is definitely unique and something I’ve noticed across the board with our athletes.

Ross Franklin 10:20

That’s awesome. Did you see the new movie with Adam Sandler called hustle

Jasmine Jordan 10:25

night, I need to see it because it looks incredible.

Ross Franklin 10:29

It’s such a good movie, it’s great. I highly recommend it, it comes to mind just because you mentioned to me earlier, you’re traveling like 27 days out of the month. Like it’s crazy. He’s like a scout in the movie like scouting and like basketball talent, just hearing like you talk about all the research it takes to find these top tier athletes to go out and recruit them and maintain the relationships that just came to mind. So just curious if you saw it, you should definitely see it. Yeah,

Jasmine Jordan 10:53

I definitely will. Once I hopefully get home this weekend, I can totally just relax, finally. But I have to because it looks incredible, just from the trailers.

Ross Franklin 11:02

So speaking about that, you’re so busy with the Jordan Brand. You’re traveling so much. You’re a mom, how do you balance everything.

Jasmine Jordan 11:10

I don’t know if it’s balanced. I call it organized chaos, that’s for sure. But it’s hard. And it’s just something that I got to really just pace myself. And also just be honest of like, Hey, I’m not going to make everything. I’m not going to make every work trip. But I’m also not going to make every moment with my son, what’s going to come down to picking and choosing what’s going to take priority and precedent and it’s always gonna be my child over work. And so if he has a music recital, on the same day, as a mega photo shoot, I will lean on my team to be like, hey, I need you guys to cover that shoot my baby’s performing, I got to check that out. I can’t miss that. So I think it’s just understanding the priorities. And really setting those boundaries on what takes precedent at what time and just making sure that everybody feels good. No matter what my job and my team and Jordan Brand. They understand how much I love what I do. And they understand how much I love being a mom and how being a mom comes first at the end of the day. So it’s all about being honest, and setting those boundaries and then allowing everything to flow. That’s awesome.

Ross Franklin 12:06

I’m a student of like, optimal performance. And I’m always curious about people like yourself that are just you’re absolutely crushing it, you got so much going on, you’re so busy, you’re managing the family life with the work life, I’m curious to know, in your personal kind of routine, what keeps you going even as detailed as any supplements that you’re taking that you notice a difference with or a certain type of diet that you’re on, that helps keep your energy levels high. Any tips you can give us there?

Jasmine Jordan 12:33

No, I think obviously, water is key, you’re supposed to drink half your body weight and my fluid ounces, according to sources. And I’ve lived through that, like I’m always drinking a ton of water. I’m also a little bit of a caffeine junkie, I’m not gonna lie. So I have to have my coffee in some way, shape or form. Otherwise, I would be a zombie. But I think honestly working and being physically active in some way and just obviously, putting your health first and understanding like yes, you are traveling a lot. But you need to rest you need to eat you need to be as healthy as possible. And only you can determine that. So for me, it’s always making sure I’m hydrated, getting my coffee in when I need to and working out as much as I can. And just balancing out when I either have my dinners, have my lunches or whatever. And just making sure I’ve been able to get a good protein, get veggie and so on. But it’s definitely going to be hydrate food rest. That’s it.

Ross Franklin 13:22

Any tips you got on the recovery process of how to unwind because you’re so busy, that special time that you have to unwind? Is there anything that you do specifically, that really helps,

Jasmine Jordan 13:32

I’m definitely a God fearing individual. And I pray, I’m going to always take the time out of the day, and especially in the evenings to just make sure I have my conversation with God and recap my day with him and just let him ease my mind and take the worries or whatever stresses that happened throughout. And I’ll give it to him. So I always love to make sure I have a time set out to just have those conversations with him and just kind of release anything else that I feel like it’s out of my control and just allow Him to guide me. So when I go to bed and I lay my head down to rest, all those problems on any of those concerns and worries are given to him and I can wake up the next day refreshed and ready to continue my purpose.

Ross Franklin 14:08

I’ve been following your Instagram. So I’ve seen the religious messages that you’re doing. And so that’s great that that really helps you to unwind and the spirituality components. That’s great.

Jasmine Jordan 14:19

Absolutely reverse a day sometimes.

Ross Franklin 14:23

So to wrap things up for anyone who wants to learn more about you follow you learn more about what you’re doing. Is your Instagram handle. Is that the best way for people to follow you?

Jasmine Jordan 14:33

Absolutely definitely my Instagram it’s Mickey J and everyone always asks where’s that comes from? My middle name is Macau. And so I like to shorten that and mix it with the two so it’s literally at Mickey J and that is the best way to just kind of connect with me I’m always on social in some way shape or form whether it’s decompress, or post whatever I got going on in my life, but I stay on there. And if anyone wants to reach out you’re more than welcome to reach out to my email as well and that’s all my social so definitely stay connected with me on that. See,

Ross Franklin 15:00

that’s awesome. Have you ever done one of these Instagram lives?

Jasmine Jordan 15:03

I do sometimes it’s very rare because even when I do it like I’ll have some followers be like, What are you doing? Did you mean to click this? Kinda I got time you guys like it’s rare but like I’m here so I have done it from time to time but not as often as people probably would like for me to do it. Yeah,

Ross Franklin 15:21

someone was telling me that like Ross when you’re doing a podcast, you gotta have like, the Instagram lives going like that, like you need multiple phones, recording.

Jasmine Jordan 15:30

I commend the social influencers and just like tech savvy individuals, I’m only 29 But I swear I feel like I’m struggling to stay up to date with everything. So now and the more I get better at it, the more people will see

Ross Franklin 15:41

me. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for being on the show. Really appreciate having you on.

Jasmine Jordan 15:47

For sure. Thanks for having me.

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