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high street, ohio

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1475 N High St,
Columbus, OH 43201

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Coming Soon

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Place an order for delivery to your home or once or order ahead and skip the line when you come to the store.


Whether it’s a corporate event, weekly once meeting, or any special occasion, Pure Green will help to juice up your next event.

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High street, ohio

Hello, superfood seekers! Buckle up, because the coolest, zingiest, and downright tastiest hangout has landed right in your backyard. Pure Green is here to shake up your routine with a splash of cold-pressed awesomeness and a sprinkle of smoothie magic. Right in the pulsing heart of High Street, Ohio, a revolution brews, but not the kind you’re thinking. It’s a green, juicy, and deliciously vibrant uprising, led by none other than Pure Green, your soon-to-be favorite juice bar that’s flipping the script on how we sip, savor, and say, “Ah, that hit the spot!”

Life in High Street, Ohio, just got a zesty upgrade. We’re talking about a place where every sip is a symphony, every gulp a journey. At Pure Green, we’re not just serving up drinks; we’re dishing out experiences. Whether you’re a juice junkie, smoothie enthusiast, or an acai aficionado, we’ve got the perfect blend to jazz up your day.

Forget walking down High Street; let's boogie instead!
With a Pure Green smoothie in hand,
every sip is a step, every flavor a rhythm.
join us on the dance floor, we’ve got the groove you need.
Let's move to the beat of wellness together!

Joining us at Pure Green means you’re not just treating yourself to delicious, healthful eats. You’re also becoming part of a community that values wellness, supports local farmers, and cherishes the vibrant life on High Street. We’re all about bringing people together, sharing good vibes, and making healthy living a joyous journey.

So, next time you’re wandering down High Street, look for the green awning, the warm smiles, and the delicious aromas wafting through the air. Drop by Pure Green and discover your new happy place, where every visit leaves you feeling a little healthier, a lot happier, and eagerly anticipating your next return. We can’t wait to welcome you and share the Pure Green magic.

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