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About Pure Green Franchise

Our dedication to our mission of inspiring healthier communities has made Pure Green a standout leader within the wellness space, helping us realize exponential franchise growth, opening over 7 retail stores within the past few years.

We’ve realized exponential franchise growth because of top-down dedication to building healthy habits and educating people to live a healthy lifestyle. The quality of our ingredients and menu items paired with our top-down guidance and support is what helps Pure Green stand apart from competitors.

Pure Green is a nutrition and wellness franchise, not just a juice bar. Pure Green is a unique franchise opportunity with limitless potential. We are looking for passionate business partners to join us in our mission of creating healthier communities around the world. We’ll get there together, with healthy, performance driven products!


Why Open a Juice Bar Franchise

Starting a business can be a great deal of work and starting a juice and smoothie bar is no different. Buying a franchise is one of the easiest ways to start your own business. When you purchase a franchise you remove a lot of the guessing work that goes into opening your own business. Pure Green is one of the fastest growing smoothie and juice bar franchises in the country. We know what it takes to open and operate an amazing smoothie and juice bar—we’ve done it some of the most competitive cities in the world. When you open a Pure Green franchise, we share every bit of our knowledge with you to ensure your success.

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Become a Pure Green Franchisee

By becoming a Pure Green Franchisee, our Franchise team helps you to open up your Pure Green locations throughout the entire process. We work with you from start to finish and beyond with on-going support. We help you with the entire lifecycle of opening your own Pure Green Franchise location:

  • We help you secure a retail store lease in a high volume area and help you negotiate the lease

  • We provide you with all the support you need need to design and buildout your Pure Green Franchised locations

  • We provide you with the specs for all the equipment, furniture and fixtures for your Pure Green

  • We guide you through the opening process

  • We provide you with all of the systems and processes you need to operate your Pure Green locations

  • We will continuously support your business

  • As a Pure Green Franchisee, you receive special wholesale pricing on all Pure Green cold pressed juice and cold pressed shots.

If you share our passion for health and wellness, we invite you to join our mission and speak with us about opening your own Pure Green Franchise locations.

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Franchise FAQ

How much does it cost to open a Pure Green franchise?

There are a number of factors that impact the cost of opening a Pure Green franchise including: the existing site conditions of the space you select, the rent and security deposit of your lease and the size of your location. Contact us so we can help give you a more accurate picture.

Does Pure Green help with retail site selection?

Yes. In fact, we do not allow you to sign for a retail space until it has been approved, and most times visited by us. We are extremely involved in not only the site selection process, but we will work closely with your real estate broker during the LOI and lease negotiations.

What size space do I need to open a Pure Green franchise?

We recommend between 450 and 800 square feet. We also recommend that the frontage of your space be a minimum of 14 feet wide.

What qualifies me to be a Pure Green franchisee?

While economics are certainly important, we are in the business of partnering with the right people, not the right financials. Our founder and our Area Developers spend one-on-one time with each prospective franchisee to get to know them and make sure there are synergies and common interests between both parties. We love to partner with health and wellness focused people who share our passion for building healthier communities and bringing health to the world.