The Ultimate Guide To Opening a Juice Bar Franchise in 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Juice Bar Franchising

Juice Bar Franchising 101

Thinking about opening up your own juice bar franchise? Then you’re in the right place, here is the ultimate guide on things to consider in the process of opening from selecting your space, negotiating your lease through the grand opening of your store.

One of the most attractive elements of opening a juice bar franchise is the simplicity of the juice bar model.

Cold Use Space

The juice bar model with a product mix of smoothies, acai bowls and cold pressed juice is considered a cold use space by landlords. This means that there is no venting needed since there are no ovens, fryers or equipment that needs to be ventilated. Venting from hood can be a very expensive and complicated component of the build-out of a space so be a cold use space is highly advantageous.

Simple Recipes

Smoothies and acai bowls are typically blended which make the execution of the recipes very easy.

Low to No Waste

The bulk of the ingredients in smoothies and acai bowls are typically frozen which means no waste. The protein powers and superfoods in the smoothies are usually powers which have a long shelf life and high volume juice bars typically order on a weekly basis. Generally the only waste from ingredients tend to be the fresh toppings for the acai bowls.

Cold Pressed Juice

Cold Pressed Juice waste depending on the juice bar franchise you select is one sticking point. Many juice bar franchises require that their franchisees to manufacture the cold pressed juice. The cold pressed juice manufacturing process is costly involving expensive equipment and complicated because of regulation such as HACCP requirements by the FDA and state. To make matters worse, the cold pressed juice after bottled only has a shelf life of 3 days. Even juice bars that manage their PAR levels accounting to sales velocity still tend to have an average of 30% waste with cold pressed juice.

One of the most attractive elements about a franchise like Pure Green is that they have a wholesale division that sells Pure Green franchisees cold pressed juice at preferred rates. Pure Green cold pressed juice has an 80 day shelf life from a pressure process called HPP which keeps the nutrients in tact but also helps to reduce and eliminate waste.

Juice Bar Franchise Construction

Building Out Your Juice Bar

Determine Potential Customer Traffic Patterns

The first thing to look for when selecting the the perfect location is foot traffic. It is highly recommended that once you find a potential location for your juice bar, you stand outside at different times of the day and count how many people walk by each hour. This is will tell you potential peak hours for your location. By clocking traffic on both weekdays and the weekend, you can gain insight to whether you have a potential 5 day a week business or 7 day a week business. Obviously, the revenue you can achieve on the weekend is a massive advantage compared to businesses that are only open five days a week.

Street Level Frontage

The street level frontage is the width of your store front. The wider your store front, the more opportunity you have to attract customers. Pure Green Franchise has a requirement that the minimum width of a store frontage is 14 feet. This allows us to run the line vertically along the space.

Line Orientation

The Line is the entire counter section where the cashier station is and the work area where the products are made. Locations that have what we call a horizontal line, meaning the line is ran horizontally in the back of the space, don’t typically do as high revenue as stores that have a vertical line where the line is run along the side of the space.

Visibility To See People Work

Have you noticed that many new restaurants have open kitchens? This is because customers like to see people working. It shows transparency that restaurants are not hiding anything. It is important when opening a juice bar to consider that making the products a feature that you want to highlight and not hide. This is a strong reason that Pure Green runs the line vertically.

Ceiling Height

A low ceiling height like 7 or 8 feet height can make a space feel small. Typically, the higher the ceiling height, the more airy and spacious the space feels.

Existing Site Conditions

The existing site conditions of the space you are looking it is of critical importance. A space that is a raw space, meaning just concrete walls with no HVAC unit, electric panel box or plumbing lines in place will be very expensive to build out compared to a space that already has HVAC, electric and plumbing ready. If you get lucky and find a space that was previously a juice bar and already has the line built in the right location, it can be very fast, easy and less expensive to assume the space.


Maximizing signage in a brand relevant way is critically important. This is how to attract customers and let the community know you are open for business. Illuminated signs, blade signs, light boxes and hours of operation are all highly important.

Juice Bar Franchise Lease Negotiation

Landlord Lease Negotiation

Tenant Improvement Funding

Some landlords will actually give you money called Tenant Improvement Funding or TI to help off-set your costs in building out your space. This money is typically fronted by the tenant and reimbursed by the landlord after reaching certain milestones in your construction process. It never hurts to ask for TI when negotiating the terms for your lease.

Free Months

Many landlords will typically give you free months of rent designed to allow the tenant to avoid paying rent during the construction process.

Lease Commencement Date versus Rent Commencement Date

The lease commencement date is the date that the lease is signed and the rent commencement date is the date that the rent starts. It can be highly advantageous to start the rent commencement date as far as possible to give you time for your architect to finalize the plans and for your contractor to start construction.

Find The Right Contractor

Finding the right contractor can be difficult. It is important to get a minimum of three bids from different contractors and make sure to speak to other clients from contractors you are interviewing. Depending on your space and the contractor, sometimes third party expeditors are need to speed of the permit process.

Pre-Grand Opening Marketing

Community Support

Before you open your store, it is important to building relationships in the local community where you are opening and get the word out. Talk with the owners of local businesses, local organizations, local associations and work to get the support of the community to support the opening of your business.

Local Targeted Social Media

Focus on building up your social media accounts especially Instagram and get the support of local influencers in your community

Find the Right Staff

The right people are one of the most important components of your business. The quality and energy of your opening team is crucial. Look for people that embrace the mission of your company in an authentic way. Warm, friend and engaging hospitality is the key to making the right first impression for your new store.

Training Program

Before your grand opening, your opening team should be trained in all the systems and processes of your business. Every player on your team should be able to articulate what your business is and what you do. They should be knowledgeable of every product and be able to execute every product.

Grand Opening

Your grand opening day should be a celebration of your new store and all local key community members should be invited. There should be balloons and attractions going on outside your store and flyer team players should be positioned in key areas around your store to draw in customers.

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